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No funds to start a business? No problem! If you have got the drive to succeed and an incredible desire to pursue your own business, nothing can stop you. Starting a business is always risky but with the right idea, you can turn it into something wildly successful.

The Ecommerce Industry has become an essential part of our day to day life. This Industry is already satisfying many needs of the developing world by enabling convenience and allowing people to have access to goods and services regardless of time or place.

The Ecommerce Industry is emerging with time and many different avenues are being discovered. It is a common misconception that both funds and a skilled team are necessary to start an ecommerce business. But a well-planned strategy that satisfies customer needs will actually push the business on the track of success.

There are dozens of ways to start an online business and millions of more ways to make it successful. So here are some ways to build an online business with substantial returns.

Make Up A Business Plan

When starting an ecommerce business, the first most important thing to have is a business plan. Preparation is necessary. There is even a popular adage by Benjamin Franklin who said, ‘if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.’ Without a strategic business plan or model, there are higher chances of failing. So though it might be time-consuming, it is still essential to have.  A business plan allows individuals to test the feasibility of a business idea and estimate the probability of success.

Go With Something You’re Familiar With

It is important for you to start a business that you have prior knowledge about, as successful businesses are built on one’s own passions. In order to learn new skills and gain new knowledge a lot of time and money must be consumed. To save both time and money, focusing on what you already know is best.

Targeting Your Audience and Marketplace

Identifying your ideal clients is the key to success for an online business. You choose the customers who will be most attracted by your product and then put all your efforts into satisfying their needs. Rather than marketing your business right away, ask customers about their needs. They do not care about your business and understandably so. You must show the solution (i.e. your product) to them so that they can see how it will solve their problems.  If you do so successfully you will have introduced your product to them in the right way. A right introduction leads to a more trusting relationship with the consumers which will then turn them into loyal customers.

It is also necessary to find the suitable marketplace for your business to sell your product.

Creating a High Impact Marketing Strategy

The key to marketing your startup successfully, however, lies on coming up with content that your target audience finds relatable. One could spend millions on advertising, but the consumer would only care if it relates to the consumer’s lifestyle or evokes an emotional response.

Come up with offers and marketing campaigns that you can market online. Just like Airbnb, that came up with a campaign using the hashtag #Onelessstranger. They asked people to do acts of kindness and then share pictures and videos on their page with the hashtag. This campaign made a huge impact.

Depend On Yourself

Without a skilled team, one would rely on doing everything himself. This helps in putting every penny back into the business. It enables the person to make a cash reserve when a business is started with no money.

Ask For Help

If you are starting a business with no money you will need all the help you can get. Reach out to small business owners. Many of them started their businesses with little or no money. Ask for their advice, note their pointers and learn from their experiences.

Make Use Of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it helps in many ways as well. It is cost-free and one could have quick access to capital without giving up any equity. It basically reduces financial risk and is great for businesses that start without a fortune.

First Market Then Launch

Make your business public first then launch it. There are a lot of ways to advertise your business for free or no money. More than half of the world spend most of the time on social media. Social media is a great platform to let the world know about your business. Many people make the mistake of launching their businesses first and then marketing it. In order to attract as many customers, it is essential to advertise your business first.

Know Your Competitors

It is important to have knowledge about your competitor. You should be familiar with the behavior of your competitors and how they survive in the market. This helps you in finding ways to make your product unique and to come up with new and better marketing strategies.


Ecommerce startups are not hard or time-consuming. Instead, they can be quick and much cheaper. Lack of capital, should not be something you should not worry about because behind it lies millions of ways to start an online business. A clear view of the operations required to handle the business is enough. You just need to prepare yourself with the demands and resources of the customers and your business can do wonders!

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