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Dear Entrepreneur, this one is for you!

Explaining experiences can be quite the task.

Specially if the experience in question is as exciting as running a startup

Stepping Into the Shoes of An Entrepreneur

Imagine a lightness embracing you and feel yourself floating up, up and above. You have stepped into the shoes of an entrepreneur. When you look at the skies, you see success and when you look down, you see the ground. That is the best way to encapsulate the overwhelming experience of being an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur’s life is exceptionally exuberant and pretty daring..

To be honest, entrepreneurs live a roller-coaster of a life, which means that they face highs and lows throughout their journey to success. You too can relate with these feelings if you know what running a startup feels like. All emotions are lived to its fullest. And the satisfaction one achieves is undeniably beautiful.

Though the experience is surreal, it is important to stay grounded in reality.

Startups fail. There is no denying this fact.

But the fear of failure isn’t a good reason to quit.

Fears must be dealt and risks must be managed.

There is one minor change you can make in order to befriend success. Quit impatience.

Impatience Is My Best Friend

There are two types of entrepreneurs who suffer:

  1. An individual who wants to run a business but doesn’t know how to start…
  2. An individual who is running a business which is competitor-centric rather than unique.

Impatience will steal your best opportunities by keeping you off-guard when it matters. If you are unable to execute when it is most important, you will end up failing. So before jumping into another day and another loop, it is important to reset your mindset so that you can tackle enemies like impatience. Kill the habit before it kills you.

“What good has impatience ever brought? It has only served as the mother of mistakes and the father of irritation.”
Steve Maraboli

Patience is oxygen.

Though this is true for life itself, it is especially true for your startup. Woo patience and enter into a friendship that never ends. It will help you in the long-run.  Thank me later!

Running a startup requires patience. And the best way to embrace patience is by understanding it. So here goes…

Everything Takes Time

Instead of investing immense time to come up with business ideas that are perfect, learn how to come up with ideas that are doable. Conserving your energy is important… Often times the seemingly perfect idea you come up with is not specifically perfect for you. This could be due to the fact that you do not have the necessary resources or technology to execute your idea.

Everything takes time. Running a startup means you have to take out time for many activities whether it be hiring new employees or raising capital for your business. All these activities take time. So instead of being reactive to the circumstances that you are bound to face, approach them proactively and patiently.

Don’t Take Shortcuts

Do you know that 95% of diets fail people. Diets give results and they give them quickly, but at the end of the day they are shortcuts. And many individuals end up regaining the weight they lost soon after they exit their diet.

Shortcuts entice you to believe they will work, but they are mostly fads. So if you take shortcuts to success for your startup, you will inevitably suffer.

Shortcuts are not solving any problems. Neither do all shortcuts guarantee good short-term results. Do you want to risk your future because of a silly shortcut that wasn’t sustainable anyway?

Consistency and Persistency

Be consistent and be persistent. Deliver your best and do not fear difficulties. Patience brings a set of good values and habits along with itself… And all these good qualities will ultimately polish the entrepreneur within you and push you and your startup towards success.

If you are consistent, you will be true to your word and your business will be authentic. If you are persistent, problems will not scare you away. You will battle difficulties and stand victoriously with the pillar of patience.

You Will Shine!

Now that you have secured success for yourself, it is important to give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Patience is the key towards success.The amount of patience within you will be equal to the success life will offer you!

Bonus Realization

What use is success if you are miserable when you reach it? A truly successful person realizes the beauty of life and makes sure that the journey is as beautiful as the end.

What is the use of success if there is no journey towards it? The reality is clear, the first day of your endeavours will not make you a billionaire. Instead of fixating yourself on such goals, learn how to live a little.

Many tourists end up criticizing the destination because it wasn’t what they expected. They fail to realize that their expectations are to blame. A successful person is just as successful throughout the journey as he is towards the end. Do not expect to be magically satisfied at the end if you aren’t satisfied with your journey…

Make success a habit and you will be able to experience a bliss that cannot be missed…

You Will Shine! Credits: Daily Times

As a final note think about this:

“You must be very patient, very persistent. The world isn’t going to shower gold coins on you just because you have a good idea. You’re going to have to work like crazy to bring that idea to the attention of people. They’re not going to buy it unless they know about it.”
-Herb Kelleher, Founder of Southwest Airlines

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